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Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 NOWELL was born Abt. 1665 in North Carolina, Wake CO., and died 1739 in Hampton County North Carolina. He married MARA NOWELL. She was born Abt. 1665 in North Carolina, and died 1739 in North Carolina.

2.   i. JAMES2 NOWELL, b. NC; d. NC.

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES2 NOWELL (JOHN1) was born in NC, and died in NC. He married LUTICIA WILDER.

Child of JAMES NOWELL and LUTICIA WILDER is: 3.   i. CULLEN3 NOWELL, b. 1814, Wake County, N.C.; d. January 13, 1883, TENN..

Generation No. 3

3. CULLEN3 NOWELL (JAMES2, JOHN1) was born 1814 in Wake County, N.C., and died January 13, 1883 in TENN.. He married CYNTHIA PIERCE Abt. 1829 in N.C., daughter of SAMUEL PIERCE and WINNY CROW. She was born 1814 in N.C., and died January 13, 1883 in TENN..

A deed copy in the book by Jena Fay, 'The Swinherdrs' shows that Cullen Nowell purchased 2206 acres of land in Benton County, TN on Nov 17 1845

4.   i. LEAH NOWELL HATLEY4 WHITE, b. October 06, 1830, Benton County, Tenn.; d. Abt. 1865, Benton County, Tennessee.
  ii. WILLIS B. NOWELL, b. Abt. 1832.

Generation No. 4

4. LEAH NOWELL HATLEY4 WHITE (CULLEN3 NOWELL, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born October 06, 1830 in Benton County, Tenn., and died Abt. 1865 in Benton County, Tennessee. She married (1) ROBERT WHITE. He was born in Tenn, and died in Tenn. She married (2) WYLEY HATLEY Abt. 1855 in Benton County, Tennessee, son of EDWARD HATLEY and PIETY WILSON. He was born 1830 in Benton County, Tenn., and died September 1866 in Benton County, Tennessee.

5. i. VANDORA (SWINDLE)5 HATLEY, b. November 12, 1858, Benton County, Tennessee; d. December 02, 1924, Maynard AR. Siloam Cemetery.

Generation No. 5

5. VANDORA (SWINDLE)5 HATLEY (LEAH NOWELL HATLEY4 WHITE, CULLEN3 NOWELL, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born November 12, 1858 in Benton County, Tennessee, and died December 02, 1924 in Maynard AR. Siloam Cemetery. She married DR. WILLIAM THOMAS SWINDLE November 12, 1873 in Benton County, TN., son of WILLIAM SWINDLE and ANGELINA SMITH. He was born March 13, 1854 in Benton County, Tenn. came to AR. 1883, and died April 08, 1924 in Middlebrook, AR. Siloam Cemetery.

Vandora Hatley, married Dr. Swindell in Tennessee as noted there in a census book.

from Lawrence Dalton's book p310 +
Reddin and Delphis Kelley Hatley, were born in North Carolina. Their parents came to America from the British Isles in 1770. Two (2) sons Albert and Henderson are noted in this book. Albert married Nancy Mitchel in Randolph County and were the parents of 2 children. After her death, Albert Hatley married Mahulda Abbott and had several children. Mahulda Abbott is very prominent in the ODOM family history, having been in it before.

The Hatley's came to Randolph County in 1851 and settled at Maynard. Vandora Hatley Swindell and her husband Dr. William Thomas Swindell later came to the area and W.T. practiced Medicine in the area for the rest of their lives.

From Grady and Zilpha Swindell March 1995
Ancestors of Vandora Hatley Swindell, were from Benton County Tenn. and originally from N.C. Sherwood Hatley was born in 1775 and married Mariah Edwards and had a large family. Their son WYLEY, married LEAR NOWELL, who are the parents of Vandora.

.......notes from Helen Bruss, Grady and Zilpha Swindle, and from articles published in the Pocahontas Star Herald paper, one dated Apr. 18, 1940

William Thomas Swindle, while studying for a Degree in Medicine in Tennessee, married Vandora (Dora) Hatley, in 1873, in Benton County. Upon completion of his studies , the family moved to Arkansas and settled in the Middlebrook area, where he practiced Medicine.

Dr. Swindle spent 58 years of his life, walking, horse back riding and riding in the buggy with a horse, for miles and miles around Randolph County, AR. and Ripley County, MO., ministering to the sick and needy, and delivering babies. Dora, his wife, was the one who took care of the Doctor.

from Jena Green Hopwood Book .......A Granddaughter
Dr W.T. Swindle of Maynard, aged 70 years, died at his home of infirmities due to advanced age. He had been in failing health for several months. He was buried at Siloam Cemetery with religious services by the Methodist Church. The final services were conducted by 8 members of the Ku Klux Klan, in full regalia, who marched to the grave, knelt in silent prayer for a minute and then silently dispersed. Many of his fellow Masons and Physicians attended the funeral.

of note
Dr. Swindle , on Jan 30, 1914, gave a birthday party for his father, Uncle Billie Swindle who was 80 years young.

Jena Hopwood's book relates the incident that happened to Dr. Swindle at the Old Siloam Church, when Union Soldiers came upon the congregation and Dr. W.T. was wounded.

Children of VANDORA HATLEY and DR. SWINDLE are:
6.   i. NANCY ELIZABETH (ODOM)6 SWINDLE, b. November 29, 1887, Randolph County, AR.; d. January 22, 1949, Reyno, AR..
7.   ii. LARKEN LEONARD SWINDLE, b. October 31, 1874; d. January 09, 1904, Maynard, AR..
8.   iii. ULER BALCUS SWINDLE, b. October 27, 1876, Randolph County, AR.; d. December 01, 1939, Oxly, MO. from cancer-Antioch Cemetery, Ripley CO..
9.   iv. ARCUS ELI SWINDLE, b. February 14, 1879, Benton County, Tenn.; d. January 24, 1945, Siloam Cemetery, Randolph County , AR..
10.   v. ANDERSON HORACE (SWINDLE) SWINDLE, b. September 02, 1881, Benton County, TENN.; d. August 12, 1950, Maynard, AR..
11.   vi. PIZOLER BELLE SWINDLE, b. March 24, 1884, Green County, AR,; d. December 19, 1969, Bertrand Nursing Home Mississippi County, MO., Buried in Doniphan, MO..
12.   vii. DOVIE DEE (LUTER) SWINDLE, b. September 05, 1891, Randolph County, AR.; d. October 11, 1958, Randolph County, AR..
13.   viii. WARNER THURMAN SWINDLE, b. December 14, 1893, Middlebrook Randolph County, AR.; d. March 06, 1967, Leroy, ILL..
  ix. EZRA SWINDLE, b. July 19, 1897, Randolph County AR; d. November 04, 1900, Randolph County AR.
14.   x. TULA (PARKER)(BATES) SWINDLE, b. July 06, 1901, Randolph County, AR.; d. October 16, 1971, Randolph County, AR..

Submitted by Dr. Cloyce E. Odom

John Graham, born in Cumberland County, NC in 1767, was a Revolutionary War soldier. At age 14, he enlisted in the First North Carolina Regiment.

About 1800, John moved to Stewart County, TN, settled near Erin. In 1821, he moved to Sugar Creek in Benton County, where he was to spend the rest of his life.

His eldest son was Daniel. His other children were Isabella, Katherine, Ann, Caroline, John B., and Robert Marshall.

In his later years, John drew a pension for his service in the war. In 1844, during the month before his death, he went to court to appeal for an 80 acre tract of land, claimed by another man. Part of the 80 acres is now occupied by the town of Big Sandy. A few weeks after John's death, his sons Daniel and Robert Marshal went to court in Camden on behalf of their father's land. This was granted and divided among his heirs.

Soon afterwards, Robert Marshall Graham married the young widow of Joseph C. Melton, Mary Ann, daughter of Alexander McRae and Jane McLeod of Benton County. Mary Ann and Joseph Melton had three children, Wesley, Amanda Jane, and Mathew. Her first child after she married Graham was Mary Elizabeth Graham, who later was to marry Dr. Green Lee Arnold Lindsey, son of Edward Buxton Lindsey, also of Scottish decent. Mary Elizabeth was to become the grandmother of Doris, Arnold and Eloise Lindsey, of Winnsboro, TX.

Mary Ann and Robert's other children were Daniel Jackson, Thomas Newton, Nancy Katherine, Martha Ann and Clinton.

Dr. Green Lindsey and Mary Elizabeth's eldest son, Albert, and a group of his Graham cousins in Big Sandy, traced the Graham lineage back to Scotland and found the famous writer, Sir Walter Scott was from the Graham Clan. The above mentioned eldest son of John Graham, Daniel, went into the mercantile business in Big Sandy in his later years. His business was carried on by his heirs for several generations. Daniel's son, Emmett, continued in the mercantile business until his retirement. Emmett's son, Wayne operated the same business until his retirement. Emmett's other son, Ralph, was a pharmacist and owned and operated a drug store in Big Sandy for many years until his retirement.

Information Taken from Benton County Genealogical Society Families and Histories Vol. 1

Submitted by Norma Lewis


Stephen Clement was the fifth son of Daniel and Wilmouth Irby Clement. He was born ca 1818 in Pittsylvania County, VA. His parents migrated here, settling in the area of Big Sandy, TN before 1824. Little is known of him until he married Nancy Buchanan, daughter of Daniel and Ethemy Buchanan Sep. 19, 1844. They became the parent of Ethemy (Effie) ca 1845 who married John Andrews in 1867. Jesse ca 1847, John S. ca 1849 who married, Mary Ann Greer, 1869. Isaac, ca 1852, Nancy Ann Elizabeth ca 1855, who married George W. Andrews, brother to John Andrews, in 1871. Rachel Louella, ca 1857 and Robert, ca 1859 who apparently died young.

Stephen's wife Nancy died between 1859 and 1860, the assumption is from childbirth. Stephen then married Margaret Graham, daughter of Daniel and Christian Graham, on Oct. 8, 1862. Margaret was born ca 1830. Jan. 24, 1867 she and Stephen became the parents of Christopher David, their only child.

Little else is known of this Stephen Clement except that he purchased 75 acres of land in 1846 in Benton County for $9.37 1/2 and 345 1/2 acres in 1847. He is listed in the 1860 Benton County with his new wife, Margaret, his daughters Nancy Ann and Rachel Louella, his son Christopher David and two other children. These other children were probably a nephew (J.F. Clement ca 1864) and niece (J.C. Clement ca 1859). Stephen and Margaret were both dead before 1880. David is shown living with his cousin Daniel Jackson Clement and his mothers' sisters and grandmother Graham, in the 1880 Benton County Census. David never knew his parents, proving that they died when he was a very young boy.

There is a tombstone for Stephen and Margaret Graham Clement in the Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Cemetery, Big Sandy.

John and Effie (Ethemy) Clement Andrews apparently had no children. George and Nancy Ann Clement Andrews had a son named Jesse and one named Harrison. David married fierst Nancy Lou Cooper and had three children: Calalla, 11/10/1893, Herman Stephen 5/12/1895, and Stacie Evaline 12/27/1898. Nancy died and David married Evie Bell Lee Cooper 11/7/1936, there were no children and the marriage ended on divorce. John S. and Mary Ann Greer had children: Florence, Mattie, Ella, and Nannie.

Information Taken from Benton County Genealogical Society Families and Histories Vol. 1

Submitted by Norma Lewis


John G. Allen, born 1811, in NC, married Francis A. Smith, born 1813, in TN. Nine children were born to this union; Hosea, John, Obedience, Barbara, Nancy, Smith, David, Eliza Jane, and James Taylor.

Hosea married Delphia Brewer. John never married. Obedience never married. Barbara married Frank Blanchard. Nancy married John Waters, 2-4-1867. David married Catherine Cantrell, 2-6-1870. Eliza Ann married John McCree.

James Taylor, born 1856, Benton county, married Celia Jane Mannon, 2-14-1878. Celia Jane Mannon, b. 1860-d. 1939, was the daughter of John H. and Christiana Clement Mannon. Christiana was daughter of Aaron and Christian Buchanan Clement. Christian Buchanan Clement was daughter of Daniel P. and Catherine Graham Buchanan.

James Taylor and Celia Jane Allens' children were: Ida Allen, married Emerson Clement, their children, Linnie, Roselle, Louie (m. Janie Nolan), Jane (m. Ben Sanders); Matthew (Mathie) Allen married Luna Stockdale, their children were; Wadell (1m . Ruby Barnes, 2m. Betty Cole), Basil (m. Jozell Askew), Wayne never married, Lois (m. Noel McFadden), Garland never married, Aldena (m. Paul Belyew), Fred (m. Nova Evans), Luna Mae (m. Robert Belyew), Gordon never married, Ollie (m. Elisha Blount) - their children; Chloe (m. George Kendall), Nettie (m. Grover Ross), Lemuel (m. Marie Wimberly), Allie (m. Charlie Herndon), Lola (m. Elmer Wimberley), Jozell (m. Herman Thompson), Nell never married, Benton (m. Margaret Leath).

Mattie (twin to Ollie) married Tom Stockdale. They had 1 child, Howard.

Newton Lafayette (Fate) married Rena Dillon. They had 9 children, they are; Donald (m. Sophia Wheatley), Annie Myrtle (m. Etheridge Martin), Alberta (m. Hogan courtney), Virgie (m. Williw Lindsey), Estelle (m. Connie Medlock), Dalton (m. Maxine Parker), Franklin (m. Mavis Curtis), James (Jimmie) (m. Gatha Brewer), and Billie Jean (m. James cultertson).

Ada - 1 child, Clyde (m. Mae Higdon).

Alonzo (Lon) married Hattie Pickler Allen, they had 6 children, they are; Elva Louise (lived only 6 mo.), Boy (died at birth), Marguerite (m. Edgbert Freeman), clayton (m. rosemary Bell, English girl during W.W. II), Thelna Jane (m. curtis Doty), Mildred (m. Horace Osmundson).

Etta married Dennis Stockdale. They had 15 children, they are: Clell (m. Vera Rainwaters), Cecil, Odell (m. Rhoda Ann McDaniel), Carneal (m. christine Fitzpatrick), Bennie (m. Edith Hamm), Charles (m. Ila Matheney), Lorene (m. Earl Pritchett), Plaut (m. Montene Spence), Paul, Susie (m. Charles Lee), J.D. (m. Marie Waters), Nora Jane, Davil (m. Joyce Rayburn), Howard (m. Fannie Hubbs), and one child died at birth.

Information Taken from Benton County Genealogical Society Families and Histories Vol. 1

Submitted by Norma Lewis

Elijah Arnold Forrest was born 27 Mar. 1866 in Benton county, TN. He was the son of Hezekiah Forrest 1834-1888 Henry County and Susan Alsup Forrest 1835-18__also from Henry County. They met and married 5 Dec. 1856 in Benton where both are buried in Ramble Creek Cemetery, Benton county.

Hezekiah's parents are Dillard Forrest and Malinda Cantrell Forrest, both born in 1810 in SC. They married 17 June 1831 in Gibson county.

Susan's parents are Elijah Alsup born Stewart County 1810-1868 and Catherine Buchanon Alsup 1810-1862 Stewart County. They were married in 1832 in Henry county. He was a farmer, Medical Doctor and also the Justice of the Peace. They are both buried in Ramble Creek Cemetery in Benton County.

Sarah Ann Clark born Jan. 1864 in Benton, married Elijah Forrest 13 Nov. 1883 Benton County. She is the daughter of William Clark and Elizabeth Oliver Clark of KY.

A brother, John Issac Forrest born 1861-1923 Benton, married Mary Catherine Cherry 1865-1946 on 14 Dec. 1881.

His sister, Roberta Forrest born 1859-1927 Benton, married Sarah's brother, John B. Clark 1856-1920 on 24 Dec. 1879 in Benton. They lived their remaining days in Memphis, TN where they are buried.

Elijah and Sarah never lived more than 4 or 5 years in one place, always on the move. They lived in TN, KY and AK. Elijah was a house painter by trade. The 1900 census of Henry County shows Elijah and Sarah married 16 years and 6 children, 3 had died at an early age. In the next 10 years, 3 more children were born and all lived to adulthood. All are deceased except Gladys, who is my mother, 82 years young and lives in Memphis, TN.

Their children, Dollie born TN 1887-1964, married Charles Whitaker; Macum born KY 1889-1945, married Myrtle Craiglow; Myrtle born Lake County 1893-1980, married Chalmus Bowling; Bessie born TN 1901-1957 married Robert LaFevers; Gladys born Mamphis 1904, married Willie Neal White 1895-1976; Nathan Bedford born KY 1910, 1962 married Callie Carver.

Elijah and Sarah named their last son after Nathan Bedford Forrest, The Civil War General. I have in my possession, a letter to me, dated 25 Mar. 1976 which was written by Mrs. Cecil Bradly of Memphis, TN, who is the great granddaughter of General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

They lived in Osceola and Luxora, AR for the last 25 years. They were getting old and needed someone to look after them, so for the last move they were going to make, their children brought them back to Memphis, where they both died and are buried in Luxora, AR.

Information Taken from Benton County Genealogical Society Families and Histories Vol. 1 page 139

Submitted by Norma Lewis

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