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Hiram Pendleton Bird was born 1840's BENTON Co Tn. He might be the son of Willie Bird. (he the only Bird on the 1840 Benton Co.Tn census) He married Sarah Allen Benton Co Tn, 1850's. He joined the conf. army. Chattago. Tn when he was 17 He got into trouble after the civil war, some say horse stealing, others say He didn't like the way the war ended. Children; John, Joe, Edwin, Jin, Bate, Delphia, Sarrah, Homer, Mary, Flora b; July 24,1879 Benton Co. Tn. Children carried the surname Pendleton instead of Bird. Hiram and Sarah moved to Oklahoma territory ,unknown when. but was there by 1898. Hiram was at least 1/8 Cherokee indian, he was black hair and black eyed.,dark complextion. he died in Cement Okla 1917.

Sarah Allen Pendleton Bird died 1912 Cement,Okla. she had blue eyes and blonde hair.

Additional Information added 03/01/2000

He was part cherokke/chowtaw, he may have a brother Samuel Bryd/ who was frech and indian.

Hiram Pendleton Bird may 12 1846 Tn. ran away at 17 to joined the conf. army. d;nov 16, 1917 cement,okla

Sarah Allen was born 1854 Tn, maybe that help fit her into the the Allen. She died 1912 Cement,Okla.

update on hiram and sarah children';

James/Jin b; 1871 m; 1893 Mo. D; 1962 Bristow,Okla
John Herman
Hoesy Edmon;b; 1879 Blue Mountain Tn. he like his picture taken and a dollor in his birthday card.
Flora 1879 -1911
Hiram Bateman/Bate feb 1882m;?Wray
Delphia J. july 1884 Ark.
Sarah A july 1886 m; marshel Robetsl
Richard Homer
Mary D june 1894 m; Walter Ridge

Submitted by Pam Potter

James Riley Hicks was born in Benton County, TN on 29 December 1872 a son of James Jefferson Hicks and his wife doe Adaline Kee. He married Mary Jane Rogers on 4 February 1900, who was born 3 November 1877 a daughter of James Clayton McFarland Rogers and his wife Jane Reeves.

James Riley and Mary Jane Hicks had children:
1. Riley Hicks, Jr. born and died 24 November 1900.
2. Vera Hicks born 13 December 190 and died 21 February 1904.
3. James Herbert Hicks born in 1903, married Mary Sue Oxford on 2 July 1922 and died in 1975. Mary Sue was born in 1902 and died in 1974.
4. Edith Hicks married Veizie L. Holland, who was born in 1898 and died in 1970.
5. Nettie Hicks was born 15 August 1909 and married George Lee Tippitt on 19 June 1929.
6. Ruby Jane Hicks was born in 1911, inarried Edd Horton and married second Tommy Matthews.
7. Opal Mia Hicks was born in 1914, married Weis "Bruster" Peebles and died in 1936.
8. Rogers J. Hicks was born 18 September 1916 and died 21 November 1916.

Mary Janes (Rogers) Hicks died 18 September 1916 and was buried in the Cross Roads Cemetery in Benton County, TN.

James Riley Hicks married second, Lela E. Holland, and had one son, Walter J. Hicks, who married Helen Hatley.

James Riley Hicks died 14 January 1959 and buried by his first wife in the Cross Roads Cemetery.

Thomas Jefferson Melton was the grandson of Etheldred Melton, a pioneer settler of Benton County, Tennessee. He was born 14 October 1871 in the Harmons Creek community. He was a farmer and later a the depot clerk in Eva, Tennessee. He married Lenora Snyder on 31 August 1889. She was the daughter of William Dave and Elizabeth Farmer Snyder. They raised their family of five children in the Harmons Creek area. The children were; Grover Thomas Melton, born 28 October 1891, married Maude Cooley, daughter of William Calvin and Mary Lou Farmer Cooley; Lou Gather Melton, born 3 June 1893 and married William Edward Cooley, son of William Calvin and Mary Lou Farmer Cooley; William Ogles Melton, born January 1895, married first Lattie Pafford and second Ethel Doris English; Merida Lowery Melton, born January 1898, married Zelma Sykes; Missouri Annie Melton, born 27 May 1900, married Carrie R. Blanks. Thomas Jefferson and Lenora Snyder Melton are buried in Chalk Hill Cemetery at Eva, TN.

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Thomas Jefferson Melton Family

Seated left to right...Thomas Jefferson Melton, Missouri Annie Melton, Lenora Snyder Melton.
Standing left to right....Merida Lowery Melton, William Ogles Melton, Grover Thomas Melton and Lou Gather Melton.

The photo was taken ca 1903.

Thomas Jefferson and Lenora Melton were my great grandparents.

Submitted by Brenda Griffith

Joseph TOWNSEND was born between 1750 and 1770 in VA, and married UNKNOWN about 1784 in VA. They had eight known children.

By 1812 Joseph TOWNSEND, his children, his son-in-law, William WALKER Sr, and three grandchildren had moved to Overton Co TN where Joseph received a land grant in 1814. His wife must have died before the 1820 census. He and the children are listed in the 1820 and 1830 census records for Overton Co. He was a farmer and a member of the Primitive Baptist Church.

By 1836 Joseph lived in the Birdsong Creek area, 4th District, Benton Co TN. By 1843 he was farming near Lower Crooked Creek in Perry Co TN. Joseph died in Dec. 1845 in Carroll Co where he was probably living with one of his sons. He is buried in the Townsend Family Cemetery on a hilllside above Crooked Creek in Perry Co.

Descendants of five of his children were reunited in 1999. We hope the next family reunion will bring even more of us together.

Children of Joseph TOWNSEND and UNKNOWN:

1) Nancy TOWNSEND born 1785 VA, married William WALKER Sr. 1801 VA, and died 1852 in the 4th Civil District of Benton Co TN. (Nancy and William had 12 known children.)

2) Stephen TOWNSEND born 1787 VA, married Mary COPELAND 1812 in Overton Co, and was killed 1815 in the Battle of New Orleans. He was a member of the TN Infantry. (Stephen and Mary had one known child.)

3) John TOWNSEND Sr. born 1789 VA, married Lucinda Kisiah BROWN 1819 in Overton Co, and died 1858 at Crooked Creek in Perry Co, TN. (John and Lucinda had 10 known children.)

4) Nathaniel TOWNSEND born 1792 VA, married Mary HAMMACK 1813 in Overton Co, and died 1839 in Benton Co, TN. (Nathaniel and Mary had six known children.)

5) Rachel TOWNSEND born 1795 VA, married George HERN 1812 in Overton Co, and died 1849 in St. Clair Co, IL or Carroll Co, TN. (Rachel and George had 13 known children.)

6) Joseph TOWNSEND born 1797 VA, and was killed in 1815 in the Battle of New Orleans.

7) Martha H. "Patsey" TOWNSEND born 1801 VA, married William BILBREY 1817 in Overton Co, and died 1879 in Overton Co. (Martha and William had 13 known children.)

8) Albert TOWNSEND born 1804 VA and died 1865 in Carroll Co, TN. Albert married 1) Mary LYTLE 1823 in Overton Co, (Albert and Mary had one known child.); 2) Abigail T. HORN 1835 in Carroll Co, (Albert and Abigail had 7 known children.); 3) Abigail BUTLER 1862 in Carroll Co.

Submitted by Jan Broxterman

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