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Allen Wesley Barnes WA born 5-2-1857 and died 2/21/1885. He was the son of Isaiah and Elizabeth Barnes. He married Martha Matheny (1-2-1862) on Feb. 24, 1880. To this union were born two daughters Addie (3-16-1881 to 7-19-1972). She married to James Vaughn, and lived in Paris. They had five children Annie, Mattie, Pearlie, Louise and Virgil. Kizzie Ina (9-29-1883 to 5-13-1962) married Drew Starret. They lived in Paducah and had two children Paul and Anna Martha.

After Martha's death he married Viola Nichols (1861-1937) on Nov 14, 1884. Mr. Barnes was a farmer and lived on the Faxon Road near Big Sandy. To this union was born nine children as follows:

Joella, (11-4-1885 to 11-14-1939) was married to Robert Beaton and lived in Big Sandy. They had two daughters Corrine and Annie

John, (6-5-1887 to 10-31-1962) married Florence Greer and lived in KS. They had two children, Allen Wesley and Pearlie.

Laura Jane, (1-12-1889 to 6-19-1977) was married to Ed Perkins and lived in Big Sandy. They had three children an infant son unnamed and two daughters Dorothy and Mary.

Mary Ann, (9-1-1891 to 6-13-1970) was married to Will Dean and after his death to Porter Utley and they lived in Camden.

Orthia Clara (11-19-1893 to 1-901926) married James Otis Vester and lived in Faxon. They had a stillborn child in 1926. Six other children; Doyle, Agnes, Maurice, Georgia, James Fred, and Effie Mae.

Artie Mae (5-30-1896 to 9-29-1976) married Jessie Babb and lived Chattanooga. Two children were Earline and James Wesley.

Isaiah (Frank) (10-18-1899 to 1-12-1963)was married to Mildred and lived in FL.

Matterson was born (1-2-1901 to 3-11-1919). He was killed while working with the railroad and was crushed when caught in the chest between the drawhead. He died on the engine car while en route to a hospital. This happened between Cleveland and Wellsvill, OH.

As a young lady Mrs.Flowers worked at the hotel in Big Sandy which was owned by Bob Beaton, later by Frank Dowdy. This is near where the Bank of Camden is located today. Neighboring stores at that time were Mrs. Luna Caraway's picture gallery, Josh Meshew's drugstore, Dr. Flemings dental office and a pool hall. In 1921 Mrs. Flowers and her mother moved to Big Sandy where she died in 1937. The family cemetery is Pleasant Ridge.

Information from Benton County Histories and Families Vol. 1

Submitted by Norma Lewis

James Henderson Greer (1830-1907) married Sarah Ward, on July 11, 1852. They had four children: France, Leonard, Robert, and Martha.

France Greer (1854-1928) married Mary McCord, on May 18, 1878. They had a son, Hurtis D. Greer. Mary died giving birth to a baby girl, as did the baby. France remarried Jul 2, 1885 to Mollie Mazell from Carroll Co. They had eight children: Eula, Elmer, Vernar, Norse, Alma, Charles, Ernest, and one who's name is unknown.

Hurtis D. Greer (1879-1965) married Ida Black (1882-1956), Jul 18, 1898. They had six children: Chester Otis (1903-1904), Esther, Luther D., Elsie, Ruby, and Hershel. Hurtis and Ida are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Luther D. Greer (1901-1963) married Lavinia (Lovie) Hargis on Sept 24, 1920.

They have three living children: Gladys Trudene, Luther Granville, and Charles Smith, One son, Richard E. Born and died Feb 7, 1945. Luther D. and Richard are both buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Luther died on Christmas Eve 1963 and was buried Christmas Day. Farming was his main source of income, but he was an expert carpenter, as well.

Gladys married James Ernest Gray on Aug 28 1944. They are currently living in Nashville, James is working for H&R Block. Gladys works for Lose & Assoc. They have two children. Daughter, Ramona Jean, married to Bruce Bell on June 3, 1969. They live in Atlanta with their three children: Georgia Elizabeth (b. Jul 15, 1974), Rachel Christine (b. Oct 7, 1975), Ryan Walker (b. Oct 22, 1978). Son, James Edward married Hazel Denise Midgett on Nov 17, 1973. They live in Nashville with their two children: Karen Melissa (b June 11, 1978), and James Edward, Jr. (B. Feb 9, 1982).

Luther Granville married Virginia Elaine McDaniel on Nov 28, 1947. Granville is a court officer in the 1st circuit court, working for Judge Hamilton Gayden. Elaine is a nurse technician for Baptist Hospital. They reside in Nashville with their four children and two grandsons: Glenda Gail married to Douglas Richard Pol, on Mar 11, 1977. They have one son, Brien Roy (b May 15 1981), Rhonda Carol married Scott Lawrence Bastoky, Aug 3, 1975. They have one son, Joshua Nathaniel (b Jul 18, 1981). Candace Elaine and Grady Lee are both single.

Charles Smith married Dorothy Kee, Nov. 21 1950. Charles works for Gardner's Auto Supply, in Camden, TN Dorothy works for Oshkosh. Charles served as Sheriff of Benton Co., several years ago. They have two sons: Charles Gary married to Debbie Ann Prince on June 4, 1976. They have one son, Ryan. Dwyane Luther married to Karen, they have no children. Lovie is living in Camden at the present time.

Information from Benton County Histories and Families Vol. 1

Submitted by Norma Lewis

Anguish Beaton, born 1835, died 1886, was the son of Malcolm A. Beaton, born 1797 in NC died 1850 in Benton County, TN and Mary Melton Beaton, born 1805 in NC died 1860's in Benton County, TN. He was the grandson of Charles Christopher born about 1770 in NC died Mar. 25, 1845 in Benton county, TN.

Anquish Beaton married Malvina Elvina Powell on Feb 7, 1860. To this union was born 14 children. They were: Malcolm Beaton born Oct. 1860; Almiry born Jan 14, 1862; John Allen born Jan 1, 1863; James Daniel born May 5, 1864; Susannah born June 6, 1866; Louis Wayne born Jan 15, 1868; Nancy Malvina born Aug 7, 1869; Malvina Carolina born May 11, 1872; Irene born Dec. 30, 1873; Hardy born Sep 30, 1875 died 1902; Fred born Aug 27, 1877; Mattie Alice born May 23, 1881; Silas Born Feb 5, 1883 died 1960 and Anguish Henderson born Aug 1, 1884 died Aug 17, 1962.

Anquish Beaton is buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery near Big Sandy.

Information from Benton County Histories and Families Vol. 1

Submitted by Norma Lewis

Malcolm A. Beaton was born about 1797 in NC, died in the 1850's in Benton Co. TN, buried Point Willow Cem. He was the son of Charles Christopher Beaton. He was married about 1827 in Henry County to Mary Melton, born about 1805 in NC, died 1860's Benton Co. She was buried in Point Willow Cemetery.

Malcolm A. and Mary Melton Beaton were the parents of John Lochlin, Christiana (Kit) Catherine, Murdock A. (Dick), Christopher Columbus, Anquish Henderson, Nancy Paralee, Thomas Jett, Margaret Adeline, Catherine Harriett, William Daniel and Mary Jane (Polly).

John Lochlin was born in 1828 in Henry Co., died in Benton Co. in 1870's, buried in family cemetery. He was married in 1854 to Nancy G. Finch.

Christiana Catherine (Kit) was born in 1829 in Henry Co., died in 1879, buried Pleasant Ridge Cem. in Benton co. TN. She married Richard Barnes in 1858.

Murdock A. (Dick) was born in Henry Co., in 1831, died in 1890's buried Mt. Vincent near Big Sandy, Benton Co. He was married on Sep 24, 1857 to Caroline Elizabeth DeBruce.

Christopher Colulmbus was born Nov. 24, 1834 di3d Dec. 12, 1907. He married Elizabeth Van Mannon on Dec. 26, 1865. He was buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.

Anguish Henderson Born 1835 in Henry Co., died 1886, buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. He married Malvina Elvira Powell on Feb. 7, 1860.

Nancy Paralee, 1836-1888, married Isaiah D. Barnes on Jan 2, 1869. Buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.

Thomas Jett, 1837-1860's, he was never married. He died during Civil War and is buried in Point Willow Cemetery.

Margaret Adeline, 1838-1876, born and died in Benton Co., buried Pleasant Ridge Cem. She married James Samuel (Jim) Doty on Nov. 15, 1866.

Cathering Hariett, 1840-1891, born and died in Benton County, buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. She married James Samuel (Jim) Doty on Jan 20, 1877. (Margaret must have died or something.)

William Daniel, born 1841 died Mar 1876, married Hester Caroline Clement on Nov. 23, 1865. He is buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.

Mary Jane (Polly), 1846-1860, born in Benton County and buried in Point Willow Cemetery near Big Sandy. She was never married.

Information from Benton County Histories and Families Vol. 1

Submitted by Norma Lewis

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