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Nathaniel Peebles

Nathaniel Peebles was born 13 April 1731 a son of Thomas Peebles and his wife Sarah Tatum. He married Amelia, whose family name is not known, of Prince George County, Virginia and died in Bute County, North Carolina about 1779. Their son, Nathan Peebles, was born about 1770 in Bute County, N. C. and married Mary Vaulx. Mary parents were Daniel and Catherine Clement Valux of Caroline County, Virginia. Nathan died in Humphreys County, Tennessee after 1840. Mary (Vaulx) Peebles place of death or date is not known. Nathan and Mary Peebles son, Nathaniel Peebles, who was born in Warren County, North Carolina Ca. 1803. He married Nancy Jane Marberry about 1825, apparently in Stewart County or Henry County, Tennessee, although their marriage record has not been found. She was born Ca. 1802 in North Carolina the daughter of John and Tabitha (Forrest) Marberry.

John and Tabitha Marberry moved from Stewart County to Henry County, Tennessee at an early date. Tabitha died before 1850 and John died after 1850. John Marberry, at age 81 years, was living with his daughter Nancy Peebles and son-in-law Nathaniel Peebles during the 1850 census taken in Henry County, Tennessee.

Nancy's sister, Caroline Ann, married William Blies in Henry County and second, John Marbry (Marberry) on 11 November 1841, a cousin from Benton County, Tennessee. The Benton County family used the Marbry spelling for the Marberry name. Their son Issac Francis Marbry married Luellen Rowe a daughter of William and Vania Pamela Rowe.

Nathaniel and Nancy Peebles moved to the First Civil District in Benton County, Tennessee between 1850 and 1863. They settled on a branch near Egal Creek.

Nathaniel and Nancy Peebles had issue:

1. James Peebles, who married Leathy R. Wallice on 9 November 1848 in Henry County, Tennessee. Their known issue: Thomas, Williarn, Emerson, Frank and Nancy Peebles.
2. Tabitha J. Peebles born 1828 and died a spinster after 1900.
3. John Nathan Peebles born ca. 1830 and married Ann Upton on 12 May 1853 in Henry County, Tennessee. He second Palina Matheny on 20 July 1861 in Henry County. He served in the Civil War and never returned, nor did his family know what happen to him although some believe he was killed at Sholo.
His known children were:

    1. Elisa Peebles born in 1858 and raised by her grandparents, married Joseph L. Sims on 9 April 1882 and had eight children, six lived to become adults.
    2. Andrew Peebles, no information.
    3. Vinora Peebles born in 1859, married Francis Marion Ashby on 30 December 1875, married second Elijah Hardin.
4. Martha Peebles born ca. 1832 and married James M. Capps on 14 April 1864 in Benton County. 5. Jerol Peebles born ca. 1833.
6. Mary Daniel Peebles born 9 April 1835, married F.M. Ashby on 15 November 1860 and died in March of 1874.
7. Jacob Peebles born 1836, served in the 38th Indiana Regiment, U.S. Army during the Civil War. He married Mary R. Matlock on 22 February 1872 in Benton County, TN. Mary R. Matlock was born 21 June 1852 and died 5 April 1910. Jacob Peebles death date is not known. Both were buried in the Sims/Peebles Cemetery, First Civil District in Benton County, TN.
8. Margaret Catherine Peebles born ca. 1837 Nancy died ca. 1875 and Nathaniel died after 1880. Both are said to be buried in unmarked graves at the Sims/Peebles Cemetery near their home.

Submitted by E. J. & Frances Sims

Marberry - Rowe Families

Three brothers, Luke, John and Jacob Marberry, came from Stanley County, North Carolina and settled along the Sandy River about the time West Tennessee was acquired from the Indians.

Luke Marbry (Marberry) born between 1760-1770 in North Carolina and died in Benton County, TN between 1840-1850. He had settled in what would later become the Ninth Civil District of Benton County near the Sandy River. Not far from his home and across the river into Henry County were brothers John and Jacob Marberry. John Marberry was born in 1769 and married Tabitha Forrest a daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Forrest of North Carolina. Tabitha died about 1836 and John married second Ann E. Green on 6 June 1838 in Henry County, Tennessee. Jacob Marberry was born between 1780 and 1790 and married Nancy Forrest, also a daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Forrest.

Luke and his descendants sometimes spelled their name Marbry rather than the correct spelling of Marberry. He left few records, but he is known to have sons Leonard W. and John Mabry.

John Marbry, the son of Luke, was born ca. 1812 and was married four times before his death in 1859. He also lived near the Big Sandy River, probably on land owned by his father. The scholastic census taken in 1850 revealed he had only one child, Isaac Francis Marbry, in school that year.

John Marbry married first about 1831, although her name is not known. Their known issue:

1. Elizabeth Marbry born ca. 1832 and married Willie R. Taylor on 6 August 1850 in Benton County.
2. Amziah E. Marbry born about 1833 and served in Company A, 27th Regiment Tennessee Volunteers Regiment, C.S.A. He married Nancy Bell Fowell on 26 September 1871 in Henry County and settled in the Third Civil District of Benton County.
3. Henry Marbry born ca. 1835.
4. Mary Marbry born ca. 1837 married John Crossno on 16 October 1853 in Benton County.

John Marbry married second a cousin Caroline A. (Marberry) Biles on 11 November 1841 in Henry County, Tennessee. She was the widow of William Biles and a daughter of John and Tabitha Marberry of Henry County. John and Caroline A. Marbry had one child, Isaac Francis Marbry, born in 1843. Caroline died soon after Isaac Francis was born.

John Marbry married third, Susan Burkley, on 9 October 1850 in Benton County. They were married by A.W.C. Mathney, J.P. of the Ninth Civil District in Benton County. Susan died soon afterwards without issue. He then married fourth, Mahulda Cook, on 2 December 1855 in Benton County. They were also married by A.W.C. Mathney, J.P., but he died before April of 1859 without having children by this marriage.
Isaac Francis Marbry was placed in the home of D.C. Askew after his father died. He was later placed in the home of J.N. and Samuel M. Cole, who lived in Henry County near the Benton County line and remained there until volunteering in the U.S. Cavalry during the Civil War.

Isaac Francis Marbry enlisted in the United States Cavalry on 12 January 1863 in Carroll County. He was mustered in service at Jackson, TN and assigned to Company B, 7th Tennessee Cavalry, U.S.A. and placed on detachment duty at Memphis, TN. He was later transferred to Company A of the same regiment. Company A was being consolidated at that time from what remained of companies A, B, & D after most of the regiment had been captured a second time by Forrest 7th Tennessee Cavalry, C.S.A.

The service records of Isaac Francis Marbry described his appearance as being 21 years of age, six feet tall, with fair complexion and blue eyes. He was born in Benton County, TN and a farmer by occupation. The regimental hospital records reveal he was treated on 12 November 1864 for intestinal fever before being sent to the base hospital on 18 November 1864 with colic. By 10 January 1865 he had diarrhea and on 18 January 1865 he was again diagnosed as having intestinal fever. He remained in service until the war ended and sent to Nashville, TN to be discharged on 9 August 1865.

Returning home Isaac Francis Marbry met Luellen Josphine Rowe, a daughter of William and Vania Parmelia Rowe, who lived in Benton County near the Big Sandy River bottom. They were married by John Rushing, J.P. on 5 September 1867. Isaac Frances marriage bond had been signed by Joseph N. Cole the day before their marriage.

Isaac Francis Marbry died 23 October 1868, his burial site is not known, but it is believed to be in the Francisco Family Cemetery near William Rowe's home. William Rowe family Bible records supplied the following information about his family:

William Rowe born 9 May 1814 and died 20 June 1864.
William Rowe and Vania Parmelia Turner were married 12 March 1838.
Vania Pamela Turner was born 8 May 1816.
William and Vania Rowe children:

1. Martha Melvania Rowe born 20 December 1838, married John M. Blaylock on 3 February 1867.
2. John David Rowe born 23 April 1840 and died 1 November 1864.
3. Maria Louise Rowe born 1 April 1842, married Peter Francisco on 24 January 1861.
4. William Francis Rowe born 13 January 1845 and died 25 September 1851.
5. Luellen Josephine Rowe born 31 May 1847, married Isaac Francis Marbry on 8 September 1867 and died 5 November 1897.
6. Susan Mahala Rowe born 1 April 1849.
7. Winfield Scott Rowe born 2 July 1851.
8. Mary Leek Rowe born 23 November 1853, married James William Dowdy on 16 October 1873 and died 13 January 1928.
9. James Bartrand Rowe born 23 July 1856 & died 17 April 1870.
10. Alonzo Grant Rowe born 15 September 1858.

Others named in Bible: John Rowe died 12 December 1834.
Susannah Rowe died 9 January 1843.
Isaac Francis Marberry died 23 October 1868.
Ida Josephine Frances Marberry born 18 November 1868.

William Rowe's will dated 10 June 1864, proven in November of 1866 and recorded in Benton County Will Book, 1855-1916, page 392. The will did not name his wife or children.

Isaac Francis and Luellen Josephine Marbry only child, Ida Josephine Frances Marbry, was born 18 November 1868, almost a month after Isaac Francis Marbry died. John M. and Martha M. Blalock affidavit for Luellen Marbry's pension application stating that they lived near Luellen when her child was born, and that the midwife Mrs. Prewitt, who had attended Luellen, had since died. The affidavit was made 20 January 1873 and the Blaylock's were then living at Huntington, TN.

Luellen Josephine Marbry had returned to the home of her recently widowed mother before 1870 in the Sixth Civil District of Benton County. She lived there until the death of her mother. Then she bought land from Lucinda Hudson in the Fifth Civil District of Benton County and lived there with her daughter, Ida Josephine and son-in-law, George Washington McKelvy. Luellen died 5 November 1897. She was buried in the Smith Cemetery, Benton County. (Sometimes called the Smith/Whitfield Cemetery)

Submitted by E. J. & Frances Sims

John Pafford

John Pafford and his brother William Pafford with their wives Sarah and Morning Melton came to what is now Benton County, TN about 1818 or 1819. Sarah and Morning were daughters of Cooper and Phoebe Melton.

John Pafford was born 24 June 1798 in Stokes County, N.C. He married Sarah Melton, who was born 2 April 1804 in North Carolina and died 30 November 1863 in the 7th Civil District of what is now Benton County, TN.

John was a Methodist Minister and is recorded in the Memphis Conference as having organized the Flatwoods Methodist Church in 1824. He also farmed and traded in land until he died on 15 September 1851 in Benton County, TN.

John and Sarah Pafford had issue:

1. Mary Pafford born 16 June 1819 in what is now Benton County
2. Elizabeth Pafford born 17 November 1820 and twin,
3. Morning Pafford born 17 November 1820.

4. William Carroll Pafford born 14 June 1822, married Annie Parker on 1 November 1840 and died 3 June 1876.
5. James Pafford born 5 December 1823 and married Penelope Vester on 12 June 1843.
6. David Pafford born 14 April 1826 and married Katherine Melton on 28 November 1846.
7. Thomas W. Pafford born 23 December 1827 and married Delanna (Lany) Hall on 18 October 1849.
8. John Pafford Jr. born 13 March 1830.
9. Susanh Pafford born 3 April 1832 and married Americus Vick on 23 March 1848 and died 9 December 1919. Americus born 26 June 1826 and died 19 January 1870.
10. Martha Pafford born in 1832, married Cooper Pafford on 20 June 1852 and died in 1909. Cooper born in 1829 and died in 1915.
11. Timothy Pafford born 5 June 1836, married Manervy Reddick on 15 September 1853 and died 4 December 1863.
12. Lewisd Pafford born 28 February 1837 and married Paralee Madden on 26 May 1856. 13. Hubbard Pafford born in 1836.
14. Mary Ann Pafford born in 1840.
15. Robert Collins Pafford born 27 September 1842 and married Elmina J. Cuff on 24 September 1865.

John Pafford, Jr. married Louisa Arnold on 22 December 1851 and died 11 September 1878. Louisa was a daughter of Fernandas and Nancy (Sykes) Arnold.

John and Louisa Pafford had issue:

1. Gillespie Pafford born 26 July 1852 and died 5 August 1938. He married Hester Parker on 7 February 1877. She was born 19 February 1854 and died 28 March 1920.
2. John Franklin Pafford born in 30 November 1856 and died 22 April 1928. He married Julie (?).
3. Martha (Mollie) J. Pafford born 14 July 1855, married Fountain E. Cuff on 16 July 1873 and died 3 November 1918
4. Throphenia Pafford born 26 May 1861 and died 5 July 1954. She married Felbert Holland on 7 December 1879.

Gillespie and Hester Pafford had issue:

1. Stella Pafford born 15 February 1878 and married Horace Hargis on 13 October 1897 and died 15 October 1945. He was born 28 November 1877 and died 18 October 1945.
2. Flora Pafford born in November of 1880 and married Elmer Vick 1 July 1910.
3. Lena Pafford born in November of 1884, married Victor 0. Mclver on 24 November 1910 and died 23 August 1972. He was born 26 April 1882 and died 11 May 1932.
4 Clara Pafford born 12 January 1888 married Robert V. MvKelvy 24 November 1905 and died in 1971. Robert born in 1885 and died in 1982.
5. Charles L. Pafford born 16 April 1890 and accidentally drowned in the Potomac River on 18 July 1915.
6. Ruby Pafford born 30 January 1894, married 1st Send Nunnery, 2nd Lee Hargis and 3rd Eugene Wyatt.
7. Elmer Eulas Pafford born 8 August 1900, married Mary Duluth McLelvy on 26 November 1921 and died in 1980.

Children of Elmer Eulas and Mary Pafford:

1. Glen Charles Pafford born 23 January 1924 and married Virginia Ann Simpson on 11 August 1945 in Henry, N.C.
2. Fred Gillespie Pafford born 26 November 1927 and married Anna Bernide on 26 November 1955.
3. Eva Jean Pafford born 12 April 1930 and married Dennis E. Dawson on 10 November 1951. Children of Glen Charles and Virginia Ann Pafford:

1. Glenda Lou Pafford born 14 November 1949, married Rev. Steve Mosley and had children Michael, Shane and Mary Ann.
2. Donald Ray Pafford born 28 May 1951, married Janice Marie Ward and had issue Amanda and Jennifer.

Submitted by E. J. & Frances Sims

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