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Britton Bane

Britton Bane was the progenitor of the family in Benton County, Tennessee. He married Mary (Polly) Jerry on 27 February 1816 in Sussex County, Virginia. The name may be found spelled Bane or Bain in reference to the same person in the records but the spelling of Bane will be used in this sketch.

Britton Bane served as a private in Captain Thomas Jones Infantry Company, Eighth Virginia Militia Regiment during the War of 1812. He brought his family to Tennessee after the war and eventually settled along the Sandy River on land that became Benton County in 1836.

Britton and Polly Bane had issue:

1. Mahalia Bane, spinster, birth and death dates unknown.
2. Amanda Bane married Carroll Greer on 9 February 1840. They were married by John Darling Rushing in Benton County.
3. Joseph James Bane married Matilda Hursey on 23 January 1848.
4. Harriette Bane married W.R. Bloodworth on 10 November 1847. They were married by John Darling Rushing in Benton County.
5. Henry T. Bane married Mary Thompkins on 25 January 1852.
6. Robert Bane, no information.
7. John T. Bane married Cynthia Sanders, who was from Illinois. Britton Bane died about 1840 and Polly Bane died much later, although the dates are not known.

Joseph James Bane born 18 December 1824 in Tennessee and married Matilda Hursey on 23 January 1848. They were married by John Darling Rushing in Benton County. Matilda Hursey was born 16 August 1829 in England a daughter of George and Mary Hursey and died 14 March 1905.

Joseph James and Matilda Baen had issue:

1. Mary Ann Bane, spinster.
2. George Britton Bane born 22 February 1851 married L. Ann Ogles on 17 January 1877 by Rev. Thomas H. Presson.
3. Joseph Riley Bane born 6 June 1853 and married Nancy C. Herrin on 19 March 1876 in Benton County.
4. Angeline Bane born in 1858 and married Hardy O'Guinn on 26 February 1880 in Benton County.
5. Isabella Bane born in 1858 and died young.
6. John B. Bane born in 1861 and married Mary (Mollie) Hicks on 11 February 1886 in Benton County.
7. Alvin H. Bane born in 1863 and married Sarah Elizabeth Florence on 7 November 1886 in Benton County.
8. Sarah E.A. Bane born in 1868 and married Samuel M. Stagner on 21 January 1883 in Benton County.
9. Josephine Bane born in 1868 and died young.
10. Matilda Bane born in 1870 and died young.
11. Dona A. Bane born in 1871 and married James H. Blalock. Joseph James Bane died 24 October 1879 and Mary Matilda

Hursey Bane died 14 March 1905. Both were buried in the Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery in the old Sixth Civil District of Benton County, Tennessee.

George Britton Bane born 23 February 1851 the son of Joseph James and Matilda Bane of Benton County. He married Lillie Ann Ogles on 17 January 1877. Lillie Ann Ogles was born 19 September 1855 in Gibson County, Tennessee a daughter of James Milba and Parmasia (Carroll) Ogles.

George Britton and Lillie Ann Bane had issue:

1. James Charles Bane born 19 June 1877 and married Minnie Lee, whose Christian name is not known. She was born 19 September 1884 and died 4 February 1914. Dr. James Charles Bane died 9 March 1936. Both were buried in the Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery in Benton County.
2. Callie Bane Dowdy born 13 May 1879 and died 6 October 1954.
3. Victoria Bane born 30 November 1880 and died 7 June 1898.
4. Infant son born and died 30 July 1882.
5. Arthur Bane born 8 July 1883 and died 26 February 1933.
6. Solomon Bane born 12 March 1885 and died 17 October 1956.
7. George Riley Bane born 23 October 1886 and died 26 February 1976.
8. Nellie Bane born 9 July 1889 and died 1 July 1890.
9. Myrtle Bane Wiseman born 13 October 1891 and died 26 February 1975.
10. John Sherman Bane born 7 June 1894 and died 24 February 1964.

George Britton Bane died 11 October 1929 and Lillie Ann died 12 January 1956. Both were buried in the Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery.

Joseph Riley Bane was born 6 June 1853 a son of Joseph and Matilda (Hursey) Bane, married Nicey C. Herrin on 19 March 1876, died 3 April 1893 and buried in the Pleasant Hill United Methodist Cemetery. Nicey C. Herrin born in 1858 a daughter of Willian Allen and Mirtha (Wiseman) Bane. She married Jacob Greer after the death of Joseph Riley Bane.

Joseph Riley and Nicy C. Bane had issue:

1. George C. Bane born in 1876, married Mary Frances Black (date unknown) and died in 1941. Mary Frances born 1878 a daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Crossnoe) Black and died in 1941.
2. Joseph Bane was born 20 October 1878 in Benton County, TN and died 16 January 1955 in East Prairie, Missouri. He married Delia Herrin on 29 August 1906.
3. Mary (Mollie) Elizabeth Bane born 24 November 1880, married James H. Hall on 1 January 1900 and died 10 February 1964. His parents were Jack S. Hall (1851-1911) and Martha Frances Beasley (1852-1905).

Submitted by E. J. & Frances Sims


BRITTON BAIN married MARY(POLLY)JERRY February 27, 1816 in Sussex Co, VA. Mary was born about 1792 in Virginia. She was listed as head of the house in the 1840 & the 1850 Benton co., TN census. She died between 1850-1860.Britton died between 1838 and 1840.

The Eight known Children of BRITTON BAIN and MARY JERRY are:

MAHALA BAIN, b. Abt. 1818, KY; Her age varies in the census as much as 4 years in the 1850 and 1860 Benton Co., TN census, but she was not listed in the 1870 or the 1880.d. possibly in Illinois.

AMANDA BAIN, b. 1820, KY; m. CARROLL GREER, February 08, 1840, Benton Co Tn. BY J.D. Rushing, JP.

JOSEPH JAMES BAIN, b. December 18, 1824, TN; d. October 24, 1879, Benton Co, TN; m. MATILDA HURSEY, January 23, 1848, Benton Co , TN. They were living in Benton Co., TN in the 1850, 1860 & 1870. Matilda was listed as a widow in the 1880 Benton Co., TN census. Joseph died between 1870-1880.

HARRIETT BAIN, b. Abt. 1826, TN; m. M. Rufus BLOODWORTH, November 10, 1847, Benton Co , TN by Hezekiah Greer, JP. They were living in Benton Co., TN in the 1850 and the 1860 census.They weren't listed in the 1870 or 1880 Benton Co., TN census.

HENRY T. BAIN, b. Abt. 1831; m. MARY THOMPKINS, January 25, 1852, Benton Co , TN. Henry was living in the 5th District of the 1860 Benton Co., TN census. Not listed in the 1870 or 1880 Benton Co., TN census.

ROBERT BAIN, b. Abt. 1832, TN. He was listed as age 15 at home with his mother in the 1850 Benton Co., TN census. He's not listed in Benton Co., TN in 1860, 1870 or 1880.

JULINA ANGELINE BAIN, b. Abt. 1835, TN. She married James McGill on Sept.27,1853 in Benton Co., TN, by Wm.J. Turner, JP. They were living in Benton Co.,TN in the 1860 & 1870 census.
JOHN T. BAIN, b. Abt. 1836, TN; He was living with his sister, Mahala in the 1860 Benton Co., TN census. He was not in the 1870 or 1880 Benton Co., TN census. He may have m. CYNTHIA SANDERS.(date unknown)

Submitted by Dallas Greer

William Saunders

William Saunders, son of John Hyde and Rachel Saunders, married Sarah Harris in 1803. She was a daughter of Benjamin Harris of Powhatan County, VA. They moved to Davidson County, TN soon after their marriage. William acquired 193 acres of land on 14 September 1806. This land was about fourteen miles northeast of Nashville and partly in Wilson County and Davidson County on Stoners Creek. William farmed the land and practiced law until an earthquake occurred on 16 December 1811. This was the same tremor that temporarily changed the flow of the Mississippi River and created Reelfoot Lake in northwestern Tennessee.

The earth also cracked open at the foot of the hill near William Saunders home creating a spring with a strong sulfur and mineral taste. William realized its potential and converted his farm into a resort calling it the "Fountain of Health." A post office was established at the Fountain of Health by 1824 and General Andrew Jackson, and others in the area, received their mail addressed to this resort. William was an admirer of the General and named his youngest son in his honor.


Fredinand Phinizy Saunders born 27 October 1818, a son of William and Sarah Saunders and educated in Davidson County. He studied law under his father before moving to Waveraly, TN to practice law with a younger brother, Andrew Jackson Saunders.

Fredinand Phinizy Saunders married Artimissa Wyly of Benton County on 6 January 1845. She was born 7 January 1826 a daughter of James and Mary Wyly of Benton County.

F.P. and Artemissa Saunders made their home in Waverly where he was elected mayor in 1848. They later moved to Benton County and made their home near her birthplace on Birdsong Creek.

Fredinand Phinizy and Artimisia Saunders had issue:

1. Mary Saunders born ca. 1846 and died before 1850.
2. James W. Saunders born 15 April 1847, married Sarah (Sallie) Ann Kelly on 22 July 1866. She was born 8 October 1849 the daughter of Thomas H. and Mary Kelly and died 17 November 1923. James W. Saunders died 25 December 1929.
3. Sarah (Sallie) Ann Saunders born ca. 1850, married Orin E. Hawley on 25 November 1869. He was born ca. 1844 a son of Royal W. and Sarah Ann Hawley of Benton County, TN.
4. William Paschell Saunders born 28 January 1854, of whom later.
5. Andrew Jackson Saunders born 10 June 1856 and married Mary E. East on 2 December 1879 and died 3 January 1901.. She was born a daughter of William and Ellen East and died 3 January 1901. A.J. Saunders and Mary were both buried in the Camden City Cemetery.
6. Thomas (Tommy) Wyly Saunders born 28 January 1861 and died in 1933. He married Ida A. Thompson on 19 December 1883. She was born 21 June 1866 a daughter of J. and E.J. Thompson, and died 21 March 1887. Tommy married second Gay Wyly, who was born in 1872 and died in 1947.
7. Junius (Juney) Saunders born ca. 1862, married Leona French (1865-1942) on 18 February 1880 and died in 1932.
8. Effie Saunders born ca. 1865, married John (Jeff) Garson Plant 3 November 1880 and died in 1918.

Fredinand Phinizy Saunders continued to practice law in Humphreys County, as well as in Benton County. He went to Humphreys County to attend court in November of 1866. This required staying over night in a hotel. A person with cholera had occupied the room the previous night. Fredinand Phinizy died with cholera on 16 November 1866 with cholera. A person who died with cholera was buried as quickly as possible in those days and he was buried in the Wyly Cemetery at Waverly, TN. Artimissa lived with her children in Benton County until her death on 27 November 1913. She was buried at the Harden Cemetery in Benton County.

William Paschell Saunders born 28 January 1854, a son of F.P. and Artimissa H. Saunders, became a Methodist Minister and married Emma Elvira Lashlee on 26 November 1873. She was born 2 November 1856 the daughter of William P. and Catherine (Johnson) Lashlee and died 30 December 1943.

W.P. and Catherine Saunders had issue:

1. Saddie Catherine Saunders born 2 December 1874, married Will Thompson and died 1 May 1957.
2. Charles Paschell Saunders born 7 April 1882, married Stella Plant on 25 December 1900. Charles P. and Stella had issue:

    1. Marion Franklin Saunders born 1901 and died 1918.
    2. Alma Louise Saunders born 14 July 1904, married George D. Thomas on 14 March 1923 and died 28 November 1984.
    3. Marion Franklin Saunders born in 1901 and died in 1918.
Charles P. Saunders married second Eva Mary Hatley on 1 March 1910 and had issue:

    1. Sadie Pearl Saunders born 7 December 1911 and died 27 September 1912.
    2. Emma Blossom Saunders born 9 October 1916, married Jack L. Sanders on 22 March 1940 and had one daughter Mary Ann, who married Ronnie Prichard and second Jim McDowell.
    3. Mary Naomi Saunders born 9 October 1919 and married three times.
    4. Charlie Dell Saunders born 2 December 1928 and died 11 November 1931.
Eva Mary Saunders born 28 November 1887, died 22 December 1928 and buried in the Hardin Cemetery.

Charles P. Saunders married third Maggie Hatley, a sister of Eva Mary, on 22 June 1929 and had issue:

    1. Margaret Annett Saunders born 29 March 1937 and married R.R. Hedgepath.
    2. Eva Nelle Saunders born 19 September 1938 and married E.J. Taylor. Charles P. Saunders died 10 September 1974 and was buried in the Hardin Cemetery, Benton County, TN.
3. Frank Waters Saunders born 17 July 1884, married Bevie L. Thompson on 29 October 1911 and died 20 February 1964. Bevie was born 10 July 1890 and died 28 December 1970.

Frank and Bevie Saunders had issue:

    1. Margaret Nadine Saunders born 28 August 1913, married Leonard Wyatt on 8 September 1935 and died 3 June 1981.
    2. James Paschal Saunders born 21 February 1915, married Pauline Cole on 8 August 1937 and died 18 May 1980.
    3. Frank Wayne Saunders born 2 June 1921 and married Mary Frances Todd.
    4. Mary Sue Saunders born 11 March 1929 and married Donald Mccary. 5. Norma Jean Saunders born 21 September 1931, Cecil Lobough on 10 July 1965 and died 10 September 1989.
4. Annie M. Saunders born 1888, married Henry Mitchel and died in 1934.
5. Fred Harris Saunders born 30 December 1895, married Maude Lee Utley on 26 December 1920 and died 15 January 1971. Maude Lee Utley born 8 May 1898 a daughter of Robert Lee and Callie Utley and died 16 August 1977.

Their issue:

    1. Emma Frances Saunders born 16 July 1925 and married E.J. Sims on 28 December 1941 and had issue:
    2. Marion Ray Saunders born 26 November 1927 and married Gloria Smith on 30 June 1951, divorced.

Submitted by E. J. & Frances Sims

John Darling Rushing

John D. Rushing a Methodist Clergyman, was born Ca. 1800 in Anson County, NC and married Louisa Ward about 1820, who was born in 1803 in NC. They moved to what became Benton County, TN sometime before 1836. He was a member of the first county quarterly court held in Benton County when they organized the county on 7 February 1836. John Darling Rushing died in 1856 and probably buried in an unmarked grave in the Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery. This cemetery was first known as the Rushing Chapel Cemetery, which was near the Rushing Chapel Methodist Church.

John D. and Louisa Rushing known children:

1. George Washington Rushing.
2. Francis M. Rushing born ca. 1824 in NC, married Nancy McGill on 13 March 1844 in Benton County, TN.
3. Male born between 1825 and 1830.
4. Female born between 1825 and 1830.
5. Mary Rushing born ca. 1834 in TN.
6. Robert Anderson Rushing born 21 December 1837 in Benton County married Anna Eliza Tomlinson and died 16 October 1914 in Jackson County, IL.
7. William Rushing born ca. 1840 in Benton County, TN.
George Washington Rushing was born 16 September 1821 in Anson County, NC. He married first Mary S. Roach on 12 August 1840 in Carroll County, TN and had children Sarah C. Rushing and Francis Luther Rushing.

George Washington Rushing married second Mary Spires on 16 November 1847 in Benton County, TN and had children Marilda Jane Rushing born in 1848 and Mary F. Rushing , who was listed as "Babe" 1/12 years old in the 1850 census.

George Washington Rushing married third, Martha B. Madden, on 1 January 1853 in Benton County, Tennessee. Martha was a daughter of Samuel M. and Jane (Allison) Madden, who was born 29 January 1821 in Humphreys County, Tennessee.

George Washington and Martha B. Rushing had one child, Martha Cordelia W. Rushing born 1 September 1854. This was after the death of her father since Francis M. Rushing was appointed administrator of his brothers estate in February of 1854. Samuel Madden was appointed guardian of his granddaughter, Martha Cordelia W. Rushing after she was born.

Martha B. Rushing married second John Bush on 2 May 1858 in Benton County. They are known to have had one daughter, Hariet J. Bush, born in 1862. John Bush died before the 1870 census was taken in Benton County. Martha B. Bush married third James N. Alsup on 5 April 1871 in Benton County. There is no record of children being born by this marriage. Her death date is not known, but it was after 1880.

Martha B. Rushing married second John Bush on 2 May 1858 in Benton County. They are known to have had one daughter, Hariet J. Bush, born in 1862. John Bush died before the 1870 census was taken in Benton County. Martha B. Bush married third James N. Alsup on 5 April 1871 in Benton County. There is no record of children being born of this marriage. Her death date is not known, but it was after 1880.

George Washington and Martha Rushing daughter Martha Cordelia W. Rushing married James Darling Rushing on 18 February 1879 in Benton County. James Darling Rushing was the youngest son of Asa D. and Mary (Hursey) Rushing.

James D. and Martha Cordiela Rushing had issue:

1. Ashley Rushing born in May of 1880 and died soon afterwards.
2. Callie Frances Rushing born 11 August 1881.

Martha Cordelia Rushing died 23 July 1884. Her obituary was published in the "CAMDEN HERALD" on Friday, 10 October 1884, Volume IV, No. 21, page 5, as follows:

Cordelia W. Rushing, daughter of George W. and Martha Rushing, and wife of J.D. Ruskin, was born September 1st 1854, professed religion and joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Pleasant Valley, and lived a consistent christian life until her death which occurred after a short illness of twenty-eight or thirty hours on July 23, 1884. Sister Rushing leaves an aged mother, husband and child, and a number of relatives to mourn her absence. However, they do not mourn as those who have no hope, for she sleep in the certain hope in all that is promised in the Gospel to those who believe in Christ. Bereaved ones you can say with the poet: '1Yet again we hope to meet the, when in heaven with joy to greet thee, where no farewell tear is shed.11 A Friend.

Callie Frances Rushing was only five years old in 1886 when she went into her fathers bedroom to wake him and found he had died while sleeping. Callie Frances Rushing was placed in the care of George B. Bain family for a time, then the Ayers family kept her until she was married in 1897.

Callie Frances Rushing married 13 January 1897 to Robert Lee Utley. He was born 3 November 1866 the son of John Albert and Louisa (Mitchell) Utley of Benton County, TN.

Submitted by E. J. & Frances Sims

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