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Jerimiah John Bateman

Jerimiah John Bateman was born 7 August 1831 in Houston County, Tennessee although his parents have not been identified. He served in Company B, Napier's Cavalry, C.S.A. during the Civil War. Jerimiah John Bateman married Nancy Emaline Young, daughter of Alice Young, whose husband has not been identified. Nancy Emiline Young was born 6 June 1835, died 27 September 1899 in Camden, Tennessee and buried in the Camden City Cemetery. He married second, Alice Combs, in June of 1903 in Benton County. Jerimiah John Bateman died 2 November 1908 in Camden, Tennessee and buried by his first wife in the Camden City Cemetery. Jerimiah J. and Nancy E. Bateman known issue:

1. John Wesley Bateman born in November of 1857, married Annie L. Wyatt on 21 November 1883 in Benton County, Tennessee, married second Pocahontas Davis, who was born in 1870 and died in 1935. John Wesley Bateman died 12 February 1941 and buried in the Camden City Cemetery by his wives who preceded him. Annie L. was born 28 March 1861 and died 10 December 1908.
2. Julian Alice Bateman born 2 March 1859 in Tennessee, married Christopher Columbus Vick on 9 February 1876 in Benton County and had thirteen children. She died 19 September 1930 and buried in the Liberty Community Cemetery by her husband.
3. Thomas H. Bateman born in October of 1861 in Tennessee and married Mary (Maggie) E. Barnes on 11 February 1885 in Benton County. Maggie (as she was known) was born 13 June 1861 a daughter of Richard and Nancy Barnes, died 6 May 1907 and buried in the Camden City Cemetery.
4. William T. Bateman was born in April of 1863, married Ada L. Earls about 1886, died in 1921 and buried in the Camden City Cemetery. Ada L. was born in August of 1866, died in 1941 and buried by her husband in the Camden City Cemetery.
5. George F. Bateman born in 1867.

Submitted by E. J. & Frances Sims

William W. Waters, Sr.

William W. Waters, Sr. was born Ca. 1794, (believed to be the son of Archibald Waters) in Virginia and traced as living in Benton County, TN before 1840 (He is mentioned in the 1836 Land and Poll Tax List, District #8 for Benton County, Tennessee).

He married Sarah Saunders in 1819 in Bentton County, the daughter of Rachael Saunders. William died in June of 1854. Sarah, born 1800, followed in death sometime "after 1870".

Their issue:

1. William W. Waters, Jr. born in 1820 and married Sarah Reynolds on 28 November 1844 (according to Beron Water's records: February 13, 1844.

Their known issue:

    1. Emily Waters born Ca. 1844.
    2. Mary Waters born Ca. 1846.
    3. Susan Waters born Ca. 1848.
    4. Sarah Ann Waters born in July of 1850.
    5. Nancy E. Waters born ca. 1853 and married Albert Suttlin(?) on 2 May 1870.
    6. Martha J. Waters born ca. 1856 and married J.M. Greer on 23 May 1872.

2. Thomas Waters born ca. 1823. Died 1880 (never married).
3. Rachael A. Waters born ca. 1826 or 1827. Died 1870 (never married(.
4. Elisha A. Waters born 18 March 1829, married Mary D. Hamilton on 14(15) December 1853 in Rutherford County, TN and died in Benton County, TN on 11 December 1909 (1880?). Mary was born in 1838 a daughter of James G. and Margaret M. A. Hamilton and died 12 May 1890.

Elisha A. and Mary Waters had issue:

    1. S. Scott Waters born Ca. 1859 and married Zara Docia Berry on 27 July 1881.
    2. Alice Waters born ca. 1861 and married John W. Lee on 13 February 1881.
    3. John B. Waters born in December of 1862.
    4. Margaret A. Waters born 3 February 1867.
    5. Thomas Waters born 21 March 1866 and died after 1900.
    6. Luella (Lou Ella) Waters born ca. 1868 and married J. Harvey L. Lowery on 24 January 1886.
    7. Elisha Hamilton Waters born 5 February 1878 and died 1957.

5. Mary Ann (Polly) Waters born ca. 1831 (1830) and died 1860 (never marrried).
6. Robert Waters born in March of 1833 and married Mary Ann Jones on 8 March 1854 in Benton County, TN. Mary Ann was born March 1835 a daughter of William and Hyley Jones. Robert died in 1914.

Robert and Polly (Mary Ann) Waters had issue:

    1. Mary Waters born ca. 1859.
    2. Perelee Waters born ca. 1862.
    3. Rebecca C. Waters born in September of 1864.
    4. Catherine Angeline Waters born ca. 1865 and married L. Thomas Lowery on 16 August 1885.
    5. Clementine Waters born ca. 1865.
    6. Sarah J. Waters born in October of 1868.
    7. Victoria Waters born ca. 1871 and married L. Thomas Lowery on 26 December 1899.
    8. James R. Waters born in July of 1872.

7. John Armstrong Waters born 1 August 1837, of whom later.
8. Elizabeth Waters born ca. 1838 and married James D. Wilson on 27 June 1872. No known issue. (Beron Water's records indicate that she never married and died in 1870?)

9. Phebe (Pheby, Pheaby) Waters born ca. 1840 and married Eldridge Rice on 18 December 1869 in Benton County, TN. Died in 1870 (according to Beron Waters Records).

Sources of Information: 1. "Off stones at cemetery and Records of Beron and T.A. Waters" 2. Benton County Genealogy Web Site; informatoin posted by Alison Collignon and E.J. Sims (His daughter-in-law is the daughter of Ines Laverne Waters - See issue of David Neal Waters).

Note: First Six Children Born in Stewart County, Tennessee.
           Last Three Children Born in Benton County, Tennessee.

John Armstrong Waters

John Armstrong Waters born 1 August 1837 married Rebecca Jane Parison (Parkenson) on 6 December 1857 and died 11 April 1894. Rebecca Jane was born ca. 1839 a daughter of R. H. and Syntha Parkenson of Benton County, TN.

John A. and Rebecca J. Waters had issue:

1. Sinthy E. Waters born ca. 1858.
2. Mary Jane Waters born in April of 1860.
3. William R. Waters born ca. 1864.
John Armstrong Waters served in Company E, 6th Tennessee Cavalry, U.S. during the Civil War (An excerpt of the history of his unit will appear later in this genealogy study). Rebecca Jane Waters apparently died after 1864 while John A. Waters was in service. He married second Nancy Allen, on 4 February 1869 (67?) in Benton County. Nancy was born 12 November 1845, the daughter of John G. and Francis A. (Clement) Allen and died 2 February 1919. They are buried at Berry Cemetery, Big Sandy, Tennessee.

John A. and Nancy (Allen) Waters had issue:

1. John Franklin Waters born 8 March 1870, married Fleeta N. Akers , daughter of Isaac Newton and Mary Ann (Wilson) Akers. Fleeta died of pneumonia in Eva, TN on 2 January 1898. John died 15 September 1925. Their children were Hilry Cecil (Hillary), Willie Basil, Eula, and Newtie Frank (Franklin).

    1. Hilry (Hillary) Cecil Waters born 20 November 1898, married Louise Angeline Allen in 1919 and died of effects of tuberculosis in 15 January1933. Ludie (Louise) Allen was born 3 October 1899 the daughter of George S. and Thursa Kelley Allen. Louise died on 28 November 1967 of uterine cancer. Note: Spelling of first name, first shown, confirmed with daughter Mildred (Now living in Massillon, Ohio).
            Their issue:

         1. (Mildred Fay Waters (Fry) (Shultz); born 12 April 1920;first married Robert J. Fry; second marriage toWilliam Shultz.
         2. Naomi Frances Waters Frock; born in Big Sandy, TN; died 18 February (age 66) married Glen R. Frock
    2. Willie Basil (Bill)Waters was born in 1900, married {a. Ila Olene Pierce, born 27 July 1902) on 23 December 1919 at Big Sandy, TN.; Marie (Corine) Berry-1933?; c. Pauline ?. Helen Guy- 7 March 1940), and died in 1965.
    3. Baby Sister: (Died as an infant).
    4. Eula Waters was born ?, married Carlis Forrest. No dates. Died at approx. 22 years of age from a ruptured appendix.
    5. Newtie Frank (Franklin) Waters was born 16 May, 1905, married and divorced Edna (Edwin) Hedge (no dates). She returned to Big Sandy, TN and later married a Gilbert McKenzie. He married a second time to Clara May (Mae) Allen on 26 April 1933 the daughter of George Smith and Thursa Kelley Allen of Big Sandy, TN. Newtie Frank (known as Frank, in New York) died 26 July 1972.
2. Horace P.( Pinkney )(Buddy) Waters born 18 April (May?) 1872, married Mary Holland on 3 January 1898 and died 3 February 1940. Mary was born 4 December 1874, the daughter of Jefferson W. and Malinda J. Warnick Holland;died 29 February 1956. Both are buried at Flatwoods Cemetery.

Horace and Mary had issue:

    Ora Waters, born 19 February 1900, married John Beecham 10 July 1916; died 18 March (April?) 1957.
    Their issue:

    1. Aveldia Beecham
    2. Elberta Beecham

Theoder Armstrong Waters, born 2 March 1902; died 1980's?; never married. Dalton Waters, born 13 March 1904; married Era Brewer 25 December 1924 (1925?); died 12 August 1961. Era Elizabeth born on 1 November 1905; died 21 February 1983. Buried from Cedar Grove Church of Christ (interment in the church cemetery). They had three daughters and one son.

3. Nancy Katherine (Nannie) Waters, born 9 July 1874; died 12 August 1950; never marrried

4. James Ruben Waters (son of John Armstrong Waters), born 7 November 1877, married Ila Baker, daughter of Walter and Lisa Warnick Baker on 21 January 1902, died 18 July 1965. Ila died 29 July 1959 (They are buried at Bakers Chapel Cemetery).

Their Known issue:

    1. Doss Waters, born 18 February 1902, married Jewell Cantrell; died 1978.
    2. Silas Waters, born 12 July 1905, married Verlene Brown, died 1965.
    3. Elsmer (female) Waters, born 18 February 1907.
    4. Louise Waters, born 24 November 1909; married Theron Crews.
    5. Sam Waters, born 11 May 1912; married Jean Hatley; died 1986. They had two children. (My mother had a crush on him when they were young).
    6. Ophelia Waters, born 20 April 1915; married Robert Hargis; died 19 April 1985. Children?
    7. Wesley Waters, born 30 May 1920, married Doris ?; died September 1984.

5. Sarah Frances (Francis) (Fannie) Waters, born 18 July 1878, married John Cuff (Coff) 19 July 1904. (No children this union). Second marriage to Charles L. Hicks on 2 March 1923 (No children). Sarah died 19 February 1957.
6. Alvin Hawkins Waters, born 1 February 1882, married Sarah Joanna. Casey on 18 March 1905, and died 18 December 1959. Sarah J. was born 18 July 1884, the daughter of Jake and Nancy (Wynn) Casey. Sarah died 10 May 1961. Both Alvin (Uncle Hawk) and Sarah were buried two days following death at Ramble Creek Cemetery, Benton Co., TN.
7. Harvey H. Waters, born 3 April 1884, married Della E. French, daughter of Billy and Sally French, on 21 July 1907. Harvey died 21 December 1968; Della born in 1889 and died in 1969. Both buried at Ramble Creek Cemetery, Big Sandy, TN.
8. David Neal Waters, born 30 March 1889, married Eunice (Eunie)Ruth Holland on 24 December 1911 and died 14 February 1969. Eunice Ruth was born 25 November 1893 a daughter of Elcany and Elizabeth L (Williams) Holland and died 27 January 1956. Elcany and Elizabeth Holland were married 16 March 1879 in Benton County and had eight children:

Elcany and Elizabeth L. Williams Holland issue:

    1. Charles Holland born in August of 1883.
    2. Albert Holland born in November of 1885.
    3. Ann Holland born in April of 1888.
    4. Ennie Ruth Holland born in 25 February 1893, married David Neal Waters of 24 December 1911 and died 27 January 1956.
    5. Lula Holland born in November of 1895.
    6. Jane Holland born in December of 1898.
Note: This information from Benton County Genealogy Site.

according to Benton County Genealogy Web Site). Note: According to Beron Waters records it lists Eunice Ruth Holland, born 25 February 1893, the daughter of Jefferson and Malinda (Warmick) Holland. Both are buried in Flatwoods Cemetery-so, this can be checked.

David Neal and Eunice Ruth Waters had issue:

1. Leather Waters born 6 October 1912 and died 14 October 1914.
2. Lola Jean Waters born 25 January 1915, married Charles Ruel McKelvy on 12 April 1941 and died 20 August 1991.
3. Mary Floyce Waters born 13 March 1917 and married Robert L. Parrott on 16 February 1946.
4. Inas Laverne Waters born 16 November 1919 and married James Authur McKelvy on 23 December 1939.
5. David Roy Waters born 14 October 1922 and married Vernell Nickles on 24 April 1946.
6. Gladys Ruth Waters born 13 January 1925 and married Billy Milliken on 1 February 1942.
7. Leo Dent Waters born 7 March 1927 and married W.L. Johnson on 8 August 1945, second Henry Kaan on 6 December 1957.
8. James Troy Waters born 7 September 1927, married Hellen Bell on 30 July 1951 and died 23 March 1990.
9. Linda Janice Waters born 15 September 1932, married Robert Burns on 16 August 1958 and died 15 September 1961.
10 Warren G. Waters born 4 February 1936 and married Nancy Galley on 18 May 1957.
Elcany Holland married Elizabeth L. Williams on 16 March 1879 in Benton County, TN. They had eight children, only six were living in 1900.

Their known issue:

1. Charles Holland born in August of 1883.
2. Albert Holland born in November of 1885.
3. Ann Holland born in April of 1888.
4. Ennie Ruth Holland born in 25 February 1893, married David Neal Waters on 24 December 1911 and died 27 January 1956.
5. Lula Holland born in November of 1895.
6. Jane Holland born in December of 1898.

Submitted by E. J. & Frances Sims and Larry Waters

William P. Morris

William Pitts Morris was born 12 January 1817 in Sumner County TN a son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Brown) Morris. He married Elvira Jane Johnson on 2 July 1838 in Perryville, TN. Elvira Jane was born 23 September 1822 and died 24 April 1900 in Benton County, TN. Fire destroyed most records in the Perry County courthouse and there is no record of her parents, but her sister, Emily Catherine Johnson, married William Pinkney Lashley of Benton County, TN.

William P. Morris began clerking at Perryville at the age of seventeen and bought land in Decatur County, TN and moved from there to Benton County, TN in 1841. He settled on land about two miles north of Camden. However, he moved into the town of Camden in 1850. Here he entered the mercantile business and continued operating it until his death. William P. Morris was a democrat and held several public positions as Camden Postmaster, Benton County Court Clerk. representative of Benton, Decatur, Humphreys and Perry counties in the Senate during the 34th and 41st General Assemblies, and also in the House for the 43rd General Assemblies for Benton County, TN.

William Pitts and Elvira Jane Morris had issue:

1. Newton Cannon Morris born 21 July 1839 in Decatur County, married Frances (Fanny) M. Weaks on 7 May 1861 and died 7 November 1861. Fanny was born ca. 1843 a daughter of A.R.and Nancy Weaks.
2. Louise Catherine Morris born 28 December 1841 in Benton County.
3. John Pitts Sebastian Morris born 28 December 1842, married Catherine (Kate) Bowles on 29 November 1863 and die 27 June 1908. Kate Bowles was born 19 April 1843 a daughter of M.C. and Angeline Bowires and died 13 March 1911.
4. Alvin Jones Morris born 22 September 1844, married Ann J. Hill on 2 May 1865 and died 4 June 1886 in Nashville, TN.
5. Adelaide Melville Morris born 14 January 1847 and married Rebecca Beasley on 31 August 1874
6. Granville Travis Morris born 30 January 1851.
7. Cora Elvira Leehentz Morrie born 1 November 1854.
8. Florence Augusta Morris born 31 March 1857 and died 6 December 1859.
9. Virgil Fleetwood Morris born 2 July 1858, married Poca (?).
10. William Lucian Morris born 24 May 1864 and married Nancy E. Stigall on 13 October 1895 and died 19 December 1918. Nancy was born 26 August 1875 a daughter of Henry and Marget Stigall and died 29 August 1918.

Submitted by E. J. & Frances Sims

Robert Jones Bomar

Robert Jones Bomar was born 17 October 1829 a son of Thomas and Sarah Bomar and died 5 June 1902. Thomas Bomar was born in 1802 in Virginia and his wife, Sarah, was born in 1802 in North Carolina. Robert Jones Bomar married Martha A. Herndon about 1855, who was born 16 January 1836, a daughter of William and Prudence Herndon, and died 5 December 1905. Both were buried in the Flatwoods Cemetery.

Robert J. and Martha Bomar had issue:

1. William Thomas Bomar born in July of 1857.
2. James H.B. Bomar born ca. 1859.
3. John R. Bomar born ca. 1860.
4. Mary E. Bomar born 7 October 1862, married George Washington McKelvy on 12 October 1881 and died 2 August 1889.
5. Martha E. Bomar born ca. 1866.
6. Marjanah E. Bomar born ca. 1867.
7. Luther Bomar born ca. 1873.

William Thomas Bomar married Mary A. McKelvy on 14 January 1877 in Benton County. She was born 27 September 1857 a daughter of Joseph and Rebecca McKelvy.

Their issue:

1. Margaret Bomar born ca. 1878 and died before 1900.
2. George Walter Bomar born in August of 1879 and died in 1970.
3. Bertha J. Bomar born in July of 1880.
4. Eva B. Bomar born in February of 1883.
5. Henry Cecil Bomar born in October of 1884 and died in 1965.
6. Herman Zoe Bomar born in September of 1885 and died in 1971.
7. Charles Robert Bomar born in October of 1888, married Lyndia Boyd and died in 1962. Lyndia was born in 1888 and died in 1953.
8. Nancy E. Bomar born in August of 1889.
9. Hester L. Bomar born in September of 1891.
10. Joseph Earl Bomar born 28 September 1894, married Eunice Farrar in 1922 and died in 1972. Eunice was born 9 September 1901.
11. Rhoda M. Bomar was born in September of 1898.

Mary A. Bomar died 1 August 1940 and William Thomas Bomar died in 1943, both were buried in the Liberty Community Cemetery.

Submitted by E. J. & Frances Sims

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