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Index to the Pictorial History of Bedford County, Tennessee
Published by: Shelbyville Times-Gazette; Shelbyville, Tennessee; David Segroves, Publisher; 1994
Index Created by Lucy Dunaway Zeier

Pictures of Bedford County points of interest. Please submit to us any old pictures of historic Bedford County sites, old school, old buildings, old churches, old family pictures or portraits for use on this page. Share with others and possibly make a connection with another researcher.

Bird's Eye View of Shelbyville, about 1920


Dixon Academy, Shelbyville, Tennessee

The Ladies Store, owned and operated by Arthur Lee Landers [1866-1959].
The store was located near the public square in Shelbyville. The store operated from about 1906 until 1921. The lady in the rear of the wagon, with her arm on the side, is Miss Paulyn Rice [1880-1972] sister-in-law and employee of Mr. Landers.
Photo courtesy of Roger & Carol Landers.

A postcard showing the home of Prentice Cooper, a Governor of Tennessee.

A photo of the Dysart Mansion in Richmond, Bedford County, Tennessee (currently being restored) on Hwy. 130 West, taken about 1887. Provided by The persons in the picture are the Dysart Family and original owners of the home. (L-R) Birdie Lou Dysart, Karl Kelly Dysart, Georgia Eva Dysart, Frances Tommie Dysart, Thomas James (T.J.) Dysart, Frances A. E. Curtiss Dysart & Benjamin Dysart

Margaret Lipcomb ( sent the following family photos:

Cannon, Powell, Moore

1. A photo of Eleanor/Ellendor "Nellie" Powell Cannon and Almond Cannon

-Eleanor/Ellendor "Nellie" Powell Cannon, daughter of John Powell and Naomi Carter Powell of Bedford Co., TN

-born 7 Feb 1818
-died 4 Feb 1899 in Bedford Co., TN
-buried in New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Bedford Co., TN

-Almond Cannon

-born 13 June 1812
-died 18 August 1896 in Bedford Co., TN
-buried in New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Bedford Co., TN
-parents of Taylor Cannon (1849-1926), and John Louis Cannon (14 June 1846-25 Aug 1918)

2. A photo of Taylor Cannon

-born 1849 in Bedford Co., TN
-Taylor's first wife was Jennie Coats of the Himesville Community
-died in 1926 in Bedord Co., TN
-youngest son of Almond Cannon and Eleanor/Ellendor "Nellie" Powell Cannon

3. A photo of Taylor Cannon and Mary Sophronia Moore Cannon

-married in 1886
-Mary was born in 1864. Her parents are John F. Moore and Erna A. Shoffner Moore of Bedford Co., TN..

4. A photo of Timothy Culp (b Jan 1805) (

5. A photo of James Haley (b 1824) (

Norma O'Neal sent the following photo she has been unable to identify.

This is Beechwood Elementary in 1921 from Kristina Ahuja (kahuja100 at, She reports the two Davis girls and Mary Bowlin are her great grandfather's sister, and Mary Bowlin is still alive and doing well and lives in Eagleville, Rutherford County.

Jane Crowley provided the  photos below of Cynthia Catherine "Kate" Sanders and Jim Gillen, Married Oct. 18, 1917.

Jane Crowley also sent the photo below, and is asking for help in identifying some of the folks.  The couple on the left is probably Greenwoods, the couple in the center is Cynthia Catherine "Kate" Sanders and Jim Gillen, and the right couple is also probably Greenwoods.

Several photos of Shelbyville provided by David Lacy. He reports the Esso station was operated for several years by his grandfather, John Edward Potts and his son Thomas Potts.

Bedford County Scenes from old Postcards.

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First Baptist Church, Shelbyville


Cotton Mill

Court Square, Shelbyville

Bedford County Court House, Shelbyville

Another Bedford County Court House, Shelbyville

Lang(?) Street, Shelbyville

Shelbyville Bridge, 1907

Street Scene, Shelbyville

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