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Bedford County Civil Districts Maps

Reproduction of the 1835 Civil Districts Map by Fred Smoot

The original 1835 Map from a copy at the TN State Library and Archives

This copy created by Charles A. Reeves, Jr. and Steve Carson and shows essentially the same information as on Fred's map above (this one is larger but is harder to read than Fred's). Printed 20" x 14" copies are available for $15 plus $4.50 s/h from the address below.

Another Districts map, date unknown, from a copy at the state archives

This copy created by Charles A. Reeves, Jr. and Steve Carson and shows landowner and other information. Printed 26" x 29" copies are available for $30 plus $4.50 s/h from the address below.

The 1878 Districts map by D.G. Beers

This copy was created from a copy at the Library of Congress by Charles A. Reeves, Jr. Printed 33" x 46" copies are available here. Steve Carson has also provided sections of this map showning Districts and cities/ towns. These are available on-line via the links below.

District 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 6
District 7
District 8
District 9
District 10
District 11
District 18
District 19
District 20

District 21
District 22
District 23
District 24
District 25

Bell Buckle
Flat Creek

Two maps of Shelbyville and the vicinity from The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War by Maj. George B. Davis, Leslie J. Perry, and Joseph W. Kirkley.

Map 1 - Map 2

These maps are fairly large on-screen so they are readable. If printed copies of either maps are wanted, send $6 for each copy desired plus $4 s/h to the address below.

For printed coplies of any the maps above, send a check or money order to: Charles A. Reeves, Jr.; 10812 Dineen Drive; Knoxville, TN 37934-1809. They will be shipped rolled by Priority Mail.

Map Sources

Old maps: Bedford County Historical Society; 624 South Brittain St., Shelbyville, TN 37160

Modern maps: Chamber of Commerce, 100 N. Cannon Blvd., Shelbyville, TN 37160; phone (615) 684-3482.

To find cemeteries, roads, towns, creeks, etc: Use the USGS GNIS Server

For searches in Tennessee, enter the name of the Feature you are looking for and select Tennessee from the pop-down list. You can narrow the search by entering Bedford in the county name field, but this search won't turn up any listings outside the county. If you're not sure of the county, leave this field blank. You can also try alternative spellings, or searches on just part of the name. A good example: If you are looking for something called "canebreak," just enter "cane" (w/o the quotes). You will get a fairly long list, but at the bottom you will see listings for "canebrake." In this case, the initial spelling was incorrect and would not have returned any (or incorrect) listings.

In the listing that comes up, you can click on the underlined names to pull up more detailed infromation, including a map of the location of the landmark.

Click here for a topo map of Bedford County, centered on Shelbyville.

Information on routes our ancestors followed when emigrating into the state is available here.

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