Zion Baptist Church Cemetery

Church and cemetery are located on Hwy 25-W in Claxton.

Daniel Beets
born Jul 3,1867
died Feb 10,1928

Elisha Beets
born Oct 1,1838
died Apr 4,1917

George Beets
born Oct 9,1807
died Jun 25,1891

Ida L. Beets
born Mar 16,1880
died Jul 31,1961

Dillard J. Beets
born Jul 6,1874
died May 14,1958

Jamie Yarnell Beets
born Jun 14,1892
died Jan 8,1933

Laura Beets
born Dec 1,1878
died Dec 13,1928

Martha Beets
born Nov 18,1838
died Nov 15,1928

Martha E. Beets
born 1871
died 1942

Martha F. Beets
born Sept 9,1871
died Jun 3,1958

Moss L. Beets
born Jan 22,1893
died May 18,1970

Nancy Weber Beets
born Feb 10,1813
died Nov 6,1891

Nancy J. Garner Beets
born Apr 5,1848
died Dec 19,1890

Nina E. Beets
born Jan 21,1913
died Dec.19,1994

Samuel C. Beets
born 1904
died 1948

Samuel H. Beets
born Feb 9,1869
died Jan 1,1946

William S. Beets
born Dec 17,1871
died Sept 10,1935

[Submitted by Barbara Kesterson]

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