2015 Election Nominee – Kay Griffin Snow

Hello Friends,

Maybe I should start by saying I started doing genealogy in 1983, I knew my Dad’s father was Buell Wesley, his grandmother was Susan Barbary.  I had no idea of what to do, luck sent me two ladies that were willing to help, and they did!  If I did something wrong, they called me on it, you can’t just think something it has to be proven.  Oh ookkkkaaaayyyy.   So thankful to them for making me play by the rules.  And now I have faith that Thomas Griffin was indeed my 3rd great grandfather.

I have three daughters, a granddaughter, and a grandson.  They are my heart songs.  Of course I have my baby, Simon.  He is the cutest Chihuahua. I am ^& years of age, a hillbilly for sure.

I wish I had kept count of the counties I either started from scratch or took over after others couldn’t find the time.  1996 things were just beginning to roll, I still have two Missouri counties, Cedar and Polk.  Where I live and where my grandparents lived.

I took on enough counties for a while that I was actually spending 12-14 hours a day on the computer. I just hated to see a county sit with no one to care for it.   I had my eye on Meigs Co. for a long time, that’s where my GRIFFIN family lived before the move to Missouri.  I took Meigs after Helen Hewitt passed, it was not the way I would have liked but I knew if I didn’t get it someone else would.

I have been very lucky during my search, I have met so many wonderful people always willing to help and I am so grateful to them, I have almost 20,000 people in my database.  When asked to be on the board the answer was yes, not because I’m so smart but I’m always willing to do what I can now to pay my bill for what has been given to me.

I live in the beautiful Ozarks of Missouri but my heart is in Tennessee, mostly Meigs County.

Kay Griffin Snow

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