2015 Election Nominee – Billie McNamara

Billie has been with the TNGenWeb project since March 196. She manages Knox, Jefferson, Sevier, Grainger, Hawkins, and is currently in the process of trying to revitalize the TNLand Project pages.  Billie has pre-statehood roots in all of these counties, and I have a forest full of kinfolks in them today.  As for the TNLand Project, Fred Smoot and I started that together, and he devoted an unfathomable amount of time to the Web site while I went off and wrote a book about the subject. Now that Fred’s gone, the pages are dormant. That’s sad, because land is vibrant. Knowing how to research land and knowing the history of land in Tennessee are crucial to successful research.

The best part of being in TNGenWeb for Billie is guiding people to success in their research.  Billie has served several terms on the TNGenWeb Board, is currently the TNGenWeb Promotional Coordinator, and wishes to continue to serve so that she can help guide TNGenWeb into the future and make sure it remains relevant and viable.

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