2015 Election Nominee – Joyce Gaston Reece

My name is Joyce Gaston Reece. I have been interested in genealogy and history since the young age of 16….right about 48 years. My Gaston grandparents laid the family Bible on the coffee table in which Grandpa had written his parents and grandparents names….that was it for me. Been hooked ever since.

I began doing internet genealogy in 1995. I began with TNGenWeb as a contributing volunteer in the early 2000’s then adopted my first county in 2007. I now manage both Polk and Cocke counties. I was born and raised in Polk County and now live in McMinn so Polk, as my home county, is near and dear to my heart. Cocke is one of those counties that has lost all their county records due to a fire in 1879 but thanks to wonderful contributors we have managed to have an informative and helpful site.

I volunteer for the USgenweb Election Committee and in my second year with this group. This year we have overseen elections in two states and the national Advisory Board election which is now in progress. It is my duty on the Election Committee to establish contact with all persons involved in the Special Projects all over the country.

I have been on the TNGenWeb  Executive Board for two terms. I hope to say I have done a good job. I care about my native state and the history involved in it. I want to see everyone involved in TNGenWeb active and contributing. I have recently volunteered for the Native American Special Projects for TNGenWeb and have asked to be considered as the administrator for all the Special Projects. I think I have much to contribute and the willingness to encourage others to contribute also. Tennessee History is much too important to loose and all of us in TNGenWeb should have the means to contribute what they can. The basic precept for all of USGenWeb is to make genealogy and history made freely available for everyone. This takes all of us doing our part…large or small. We all have something to give.

I am familiar with many genealogists and historians throughout the country and have done about 25 years of study within the Pre-Removal Cherokee Indian culture & history. I have researched many, many families in the southeast Tennessee region. I think I have a lot left to contribute to our group.

I hope that everyone will vote in this election process because you care about the future of this organization we have all spent time within and I do hope you will consider allowing me to continue to serve as an executive board member. Thanks!

Joyce Gaston Reece

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